How do I delete a project?

edited July 2013 in Symphony Pro
Despite reading the manual several times, I have not been able to delete a projet. It says "tap the open icon". I that the same as the Open menu at the top? (looks like a file folder). 
Do you open the project you want to delete, or can you delete when you are in the screen with the list of projects to the left? 
I don't know what "buttons to the left" to swipe to reveal a delete button. 

Most confused.



  • I know how you feel, it confused me too at first but try this.

    1.  Hit the open button
    2.  A list of the projects should now be listed on the left side of your screen.
    3.  Swipe to the left on top of the name of the file you wish to delete and a delete button will appear.
    4.  Tap that delete button.

    ****** WARNING ******
    Be careful which filename you "swipe left" on.  The first time I did it, I accidentally deleted the wrong file.  Also, the file that you are about to delete cannot be the one that is currently open.
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