First and Second Ending Bars

edited July 2013 in Symphony Pro
Greetings! Is it possible to extend the lines above the measures within the First and/or Second Ending selections to indicate better, visually, what bars are specifically part of the endings? As of now, if I select a measure to create a First Ending, the line only stretches above and across one measure even though the first ending is actually 4 measure long. I understand that I can put a repeat sign 4 measures later and then indicate the beginning of the second ending 5 measures later, however, standard notation usually will stretch the line across ALL measures that are part of the specific ending. Is this at all possible? If not, will it be possible in later editions? 

Great product and I'm REALLY enjoying it! Thanks for all the hard work!



  • Actually, not true. There is no need to extend a line further than the first measure or two of a repeat. And in fact, if the repeat covers a few systems, the line can get in the way and be confusing to the eye.

    Having said that, no, I don't think there is a way in SP to do that.
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