Export issues

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Hi, I'm having a lot of trouble exporting my work to Finale 2003. I try it as Music XML, I get an error message (Music XML Error 713). I tried posting a screenshot onto this discussion, but it says "Body is 652599 characters too long." (even as a hyper link).

When I try exporting it as MIDI and then attempt to import it into
Finale 2003, I get 8 different tracks (2 mostly full, 1 partially full).
However, it's piano. The right and left hand should be together, not
separated. The measures are even slightly off, causing the left and
right hands to be out of sync later in the song.

I had created the first half of this song on Finale 2003. Then, after a
lot of frustration and then sending the corrupted Music XML file to
Symphony Pro support, I was able to get it onto the app (they fixed an
issue with it and converted it to a symphony file. However, this was at
the cost of the formatting of the first half of the song: Notes were
missing, grace notes were off, layers moved to random measures,
dynamics...). I would rather not send it in and risk having to redo the
rest of the song, as I plan to just copy and paste the remainder of the
song after the first half of what I've already done.

Is there any fix or workaround for this now? Or will it work in the
upcoming update? I have spent countless hours on this project. I can't
afford to lose it.


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