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I'm trying to configure a print work for two pages, because the third one has only one line.

Besides utterly unpractical, it's is a waste to print this word in three pages.

Isn't there a way to do it, or am I missing something?

Note: solution not being increasing number of bars per line; I need to maintain this pattern, for pedagogical reasons.

There's a lot of room to shorten space between lines, though, and I can't figure how to do it.

Thanks for your attention.




  • Unfortunately, that's not an option at this time. Maybe in a future version?
  • Ok, thanks, Mikey.
    I hope so.
    Maybe you could think in giving a more compact printing sheet for 3.0 version, then.
    As it is now, it's really too much of a waste of paper.
    In the name of sustainability.
    Reducing space between lines and between clefs would do.
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    Hi Elio,

    We are working on getting adjustable page scale for an upcoming version. However, I can't say whether it will be available in the next update, since we are planning to wrap it up in about 2 weeks.

    If you have Musescore or a similar notation program for the desktop, and it supports size configuration, you can export your project and print it there using MusicXML format. 

  • Hi, Phil.

    Thanks, that's precisely what I do with MScore.

    I'm just looking for a little more convergence, as I have allways the iPad with me, and not allways the Mac.

    An adjustable printing would be a very nice achievement.

    Anyway, SPro is a great app and an I'll continue using and supporting it.





  • Hi Elio,

    I know we're overdue for release, but it's my pleasure to let you know that adjustable page scales will arrive in the next version.

  • Hil, Phil, and thanks for your attention, that's very good news.

    Still don't have an agenda for 3.0 release?

    Depending on this print issue and some other improvements (mainly stability, multiple lines for lyrics, fingering for treble and bass, more flexible and safe saving functions), I hope to make SPro my prime music notation tool.



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    You can look forward to improvements and changes in all of these aspects in the update.
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