Port to Android-based tablets (Galaxy Tab and Symphony)

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There are currently no good music notation editor for Android-based tablets, such as GalaxyTab and Motorola Xoom. The best one is based on the ABC notation, which is very annoying for composers. But there a lot of programs such as this for iPad.

So, this is the question: are there plans for porting Symphony Pro to Android? If so, when will it be available?


  • We have not announced any plans of an Android version, although we are open to future possibilities. Right now we are focused on improving the iPad version.
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    I would love to see this ported to android. I would even be willing to help with the development costs. I own a transformer prime by the way.
  • To be honest, I can't envision a port happening anytime soon.
  • Another +1 for the android version, even if you just restrict it to tablets. It's not as if there's any difference in device capabilities now, and I'd happily pay £15 for a Sibelius-like app to score on the go with a 7" tablet.
  • Definitely would love to see this on the android. I just got the nexus 7 and I am looking for this type of app. There just really isn't anything good up there for this type of thing. Most are just single staff and are cumbersome to use. I hope you reconsider developing this for the android market, because there are a ton of people looking for an app as good as this one. 
  • +1 big time!!!  I do not understand the lack of something like this for android.  This would be great!
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    Thank you for showing interest and encouraging us to continue development on other platforms. 

    The ideal scenario is to have a music notation app that can work independent of the platform. It would be unified, and work on any OS.

    The capabilities already exist here, through the use of HTML5/Canvas/Javascript. This is great news. Another plus is that all of the logistics behind creating a music notation app has been figured out. An alpha version wouldn't take long at all.

    However, it may take time for both the technologies and devices to accomodate these standards. 

    It is already a good time to start testing how compatible Canvas is with iOS and Android, and we'll keep everyone updated.

  • NSBasic for iOS and Android also uses HTML5/JavaScript/SQLite/PhoneGap.


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