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Hello everyone
I’m trying to generate a guitar tab inside an existing or a nex music piece but i can ‘t figure out how to do it.
just adding a tab staf work, but is it possible to generate a tab from existing notes or do I have to figure out the tab by myself. If I select some notes and then choose sync tab staves it just won ‘t work. The only thing that happens is that there will be placed zero fret  markings on the high E string.

what am Indoing wrong,

greets from Dimi


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    @Dimidoedel ;

    The sync command (i.e. convert notation to tab and vice versa) isn't detailed in the manual yet, so is described better here. The feature requires that you first link the standard notation staff and tab staff into a combined part in that vertical orderwhich is covered below. If you've already made sure of this, please skip over the following steps:

    - If you haven't added the second staff already, it will be necessary to add a single staff under Instruments > + > Guitars. If you're missing a tablature staff, however, you will need to choose + > Templates instead. Then choose either Guitar or Bass Tab (without any notation staff).
    - The instructions here go over how to use the Region Select menu to link the staves with a bracket.
    - In the dialog box that appears after linking them, choose Yes when it asks whether to combine the staves into a single part/instrument.

    Next, two ways of applying the sync command will be available via the same context menu item: 

    Note Selection: Select any note from the staff containing the note(s) you wish to convert to tablature or vice versa. You can also select multiple notes from multiple measures, but on the same staff, by dragging a rectangle over the notes. Next, choose the 'Sync Tab Staves' menu item. This will convert whole measures within the selection to the other staff (either notation or tab).
    Region Select: To convert an entire part or a longer range of notes, this option is recommended. Bring up a Region Selection (long press in Select mode), then highlight the staff and measure range you'd like reflected in the other staff. Choose "Select Notes" > "From All Layers". Like the above option, this will create a multi-note selection. The Sync Tab Staves menu item will appear, allowing you to convert the contents of the selected staff to the other staff.
    -- Using Region Select, you can also copy and paste notes from one staff to the other, which will automatically convert them into the new staff. However, this will be more repetitive than the above.

    If this command still isn't functioning as expected or you've encountered bugs, please email [email protected] along with a copy of your project. We'd be glad to assist you in greater depth (or determine if the v6 early access resolved one of the known issues in v5 with this feature).
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