adding/keeping a handwritten note in the score

can it be done?

perhaps located in/with  a textbox positioned normally within the score/musicXML?


  • in edit mode, I do see a menu option to "add drawing" to a text box.

    any hints to use it? Not sure which drawing its placing in there... or if its a cut/paste. or what.

  • @home_pwn
    Please look for an annotation feature in the next major update (6.0). If you'd like to test the limited early access, you're welcome to email [email protected] with your receipt of SP from Apple. 
  • Please check Piascore annotation features, these would be a great added value to SP. if these can be done in several layers that can be hidden, it would rock the world
  • @spincemaille
    Thanks for the suggestion. In the 6.0 update, you will at least be able to toggle score annotations visible or invisible.
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