Copy/Paste/Insert Notes?

I'm new to Symphony Pro, so forgive me if this has already been answered.

It seems notes are locked to the measure you create them in. Is there a way to copy and paste/insert notes between measures so the notes will slide based on what you paste?

Also, I would like to cut part of a melody out, but when I delete the unwanted bit there's a hole left. Again, notes seem locked to the measure. Can Symphony move downstream notes up to fill in the gap, or do I have to play it again for whichever measure I want to fill?

Hope this is clear. Thanks.


  • Hi,

    Thanks for your feedback

    You are correct, pasting does not shift any notes, and erase doesn't either. However, you can delete a measure by using the measure editor. Tap the settings (gear) icon at the top, and then tap on a bar - this will open a menu that allows you to do delete one or more measures. Doing so will shift notes ahead of the measure back.

    To shift notes ahead, you can add measures using the same tool. However, all shifts forward and backward are by measures, not notes.

    We will soon work on a copy/paste tool that allows selections that are more precise (i.e. less than a measure in length). This will be an important addition.

  • Thanks for the info. SP is a great app, but adding precise select, erase and paste would be very helpful.
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