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I have to edit (I already have the score in place) the notes on a piano grand staff, I need to shift a few notes from the bass clef to the treble clef and viceversa. Is this possible, and how?
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    beppepicaro There isn't a way to perform this task as easily as you're likely picturing it, but this brings up a very interesting area to improve the very fundamentals of editing, which is always top priority for SP's mission. We'll send you questions over email if it becomes a key improvement area/feature, and you are welcome to elaborate further on the idea you had in mind personally.

    For the time being, rhe Region Select tool is the best alternative, and will first necessitate switching to Select mode. Then perform a long-press gesture to bring up the selection area (for the Cut/Paste operations involved next); there should be handles on opposite corners to adjust the selection area:

    – To cut notes that need to be swapped into the clipboard, you should see a menu item labeled Cut or Cut from Current Layer.
    – Then use the same gesture at the location you want to start pasting, and choose the Paste menu item to complete the swap.
  • A somewhat related problem occurs when importing a MIDI file: I often have to move lots of individual notes to different voices, which is a very tricky and time-consuming operation. It would be great if the popup menu allowed you to move the currently selected note to a different voice in the same staff, without otherwise changing the properties of the music. This is similar to Merge Voices but only applied to a single note.
  • @Redwave This certainly captures the idea! If you'd find a split point setting useful, by the way, let us know. It's another thing to expect in March with enough support.
  • Yes please, configurable voice split point would help reduce the number of notes with the wrong voice after MIDI import.
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