Pizzicato export issue

Hello, everyone!
When I export my notation in m4a, the pizzicato strings are missing from the recording. I created a new file with a few pizzicato notes in it, same issue after the exportstion. Though, if I remove the pizzicato indication I can hear the notes, so the problem is defently about the pizzicato.
Could someone help me? :)  


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    This is certainly one of many issues we've addressed, but because of the long wait for a version release, we extend you the opportunity to install our latest beta app.

    So if you'd like early access to a far more reliable app than the current App Store release, just let us know over email ([email protected]). All you'll need to do beforehand is install TestFlight – and the app description in the link details everything you need to know on how to register, install, or update to the most recent software.

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    Thank you very much for the opportunity! I already sent the request!
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