Multiple Verses in iPhone version

Is there a way for me to add multiple verses in the iPhone version of Symphony? It seems to only allow adding one line of lyrics.


  • We left out support for multiple verses only to simplify the interface, but suppose it would be of more benefit to allow it. A long needed update should be available soon.
  • I hope "soon" means, like, within a week! I'm extremely angry that feature was left out! I can't use the app at all without it!
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    PianoMan23 Sorry we didn't let you know about this. A version supporting this feature was released months ago in 4.4.4.

    To add multi-verse lyrics on Symphony iPhone, just return to the Lyrics tool itself, under Score Symbols > Text > L1 icon. If you then press+hold this (now) expandable button, you can then specify which line/verse the text cursor corresponds to.
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