Real time tied notes why are they tied?

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Why are these notes tied instead of being quarter notes this was a realtime recording with auto quantization.  [IMG][/IMG]
Can't embed an image!!! Why?


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    Can't imbed an image!! 
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    The notes most likely became split automatically during the recording process. This is simply in order to conform to common practice when a note crosses a beat boundary. Here's a better response on this topic we found.

    This is no doubt annoying in many cases, but on iPhone/iPad, there's a quick way to manually "recombine" a split note that you should consider:
    1. In Select mode, first highlight both notes in the tie group by dragging a rectangle selection box
    2. Within the menu items that appear above the selection, tap the right arrow to switch to Note Adjust mode, which is indicated by an orange rectangle. (An alternate gesture to do this: just tap quickly on the blue selection box)
    3. Locate the "Merge" function (highlighted below) within the Note Adjust options. If you don't see it immediately after performing the previous step, you'll need to tap the right arrow at the very end of the menu items. Hope this helps!

  • Thanks That will work.
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