Biiiiiiig issue. So I just finished my massive orchestral arrangement for a university assessment using symphony pro on iPad. Upon the app crashing multiple times while attempting to create an MP4 version to send through email to my home computer, I decided on uploading it to iCloud to see if there would be a better way. A message showed up telling me that my file would no longer be stored locally, and completely disappeared. I went to look at my iCloud settings and it turned out it wasn't on, but when I look at the iCloud storage, it seems symphony pro takes some so maybe it did successfully upload? 

I need to know how to get this back. This is really really not ideal considering the amount of time put in to this and what's at stake if it doesn't get handed in soon. There really should be something in place to allow this not to happen. Help ASAP would be greatly appreciated. I'm currently on 9.0.2 but I can update to .03 at any time if that'll do anything 


  • Right so after hours and hours, the file has re-appeared in symphony pro to my great relief. 
  • Files not showing from iCloud after disappearing from iPad. Help
  • @mitch @uncle808us ;

    There's an update (4.6.10) on the way that addresses this issue, and it should available within the next several days. A complete list of upcoming bugfixes can be viewed here.

    Unfortunately, there's no easy way to workaround this issue in the current version (4.0.3), other than simply restarting the app. Also, make sure you're not editing any documents and that the Projects window is out of Select mode when waiting for the iCloud documents to first appear. Either scenario currently prevents the window from being refreshed properly.
  • Re-start did nothing. Do you mean reloading the app after deletion of the app?
    I guess I'll just wait for the next update. Thanks.I sure hope this gets fixed.
  • By the way is save to iCloud a paid add on?
  • I forgot to mention it works with my iPod.
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