Merge all voices?

Is there a way to merge all voices for some reason when I import a midi file I get two voices so I'll need to combine them how is this done?


  • Great suggestion. We plan to add support for this functionality as a general editing command, and make it part of the Copy/Paste selection tool.

    You should find an option in the next few updates to merge any 2 tracks or layers, regardless of the imported file format.
  • That sounds good. Thanks right no I have to go back to Notion for proper import.
  • To follow-up regarding this upcoming feature, below are a few examples that show what you can expect. An option to apply this function is planned to be available in the next update (4.1.6) later this month, and it will be accessible from the Copy/Paste Menu items. 

    By selecting across two or more staves using Copy/Paste, there will also be an option to merge notes across the selected parts. This will collapse the notes into the top-most staff (as shown): 

  • This is unclear. Are there 2 voices in Example(1)  v1 and v2 and are they being merged into v1?
     I see no colors indicating voices. Not a clear example to me.
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