Symphony Pro 4.0 Overview

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• Visit the launch page at:
• View the detailed revision log:
• Before posting about a crash or particular issue in the new edition, please check the list of known issues in our other post linked below:

Since this is our first new release in over a year, the app may be prone to stability and backwards compatibility issues, and we’ll be working to address all of them as soon as possible. The above list will be updated periodically over the next several weeks to reflect issues that are being fixed.


  • I am not sure if this is where I leave my question but here it is. I just purchased the app and am using this app on my iPad Air with a 9.31 version. I can't hear playback after entering notes. I am pushing the forward facing arrow. It looks like it is should be playing but I hear no sound. Sorry if this is too basic a question to ask here. 
  • Hi Ellis, sorry about this serious bug. It'll be fixed in a major update this month. If you reencounter the issue till then, the only reliable solution will be to to restart the app.
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