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I am trying to add measures in front of other measures. The directions says in the bars menu... This is completely new to me.

Where is the bars menu?? Also, is there a diagram showing what each feature does?



  • Hi Rob. I'm aware of two ways to add new measures.
    1. Tap the whole note in the very top left corner to release the side-bar of other menus. Tap on and choose the 'rit.' menu.
    2. Now the left side bar changes. The top symbol on the left side bar under 'rit.' is what I believe is referred to as 'Bars'. It looks like a staff. Tap that. It should turn blue to indicate it is active.
    3. Now tap in the measure you wish to have measures added before. The Bars menu now opens.
    4. Select 'Insert Measures'. A sub menu swipes in and you can now choose how many measures and either Before or After.

    Another way to reach the Bars menu is directly from the note edit interface.
    1. With the selection arrow highlighted, tap on a note in the measure you wish to have measures added before.
    2. A pop-up bar of menu choices appears. Choose 'Edit'.
    3. The Fine Edit menu opens. At the bottom, make sure the tab 'Symbols' is blue, not 'Customize'.
    4. Scroll to the bottom of the Fine Edit menu, then choose 'Measure Dialog'. The Bars menu now opens and you can proceed as in step 4 above.

    Hope this helps.
  • I think it's faster by tapping with two fingers on the measure and then simply select "insert measures" and select "before" in the sub menu
  • Thank you very much! I tried both methods successfully. I like knowing the long way and the short cut. Thanks, marcv and Anya!
  • Thanks marcvg, I didn't know about that shortcut!
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