8va as a signature, without transposing notes or clef

Hi everyone,
I did find quite a few questions on this subject in this forum, but I couldn't find any answers, I'm sorry if this has already been answered...

Is there a way I can transpose Part of a score with "8va" without changing the notes or the clef, but by simply adding the "8va" above the stave, followed by a dotted line and an End bracket when the 8va ends?
I just can't seem to find how to do that...
Amateur musician on harmonicas, in a duet with a friend of mine.


  • Hi Hilvert,

    This indication isn't available as an overlay symbol, at least not yet. To workaround the fact that specifying octave symbols preserves existing pitch by automatically transposing the affected notes, we recommend to reselect the notes using the Copy/Paste menu > Select Notes option, then selecting 8va or 8vb as appropriate. This is a quicker method of correction than creating a note selection directly.
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