UI: Design for a pop-up note-length bar for the selected note

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This suggestion is a companion suggestion for the "pop-up note edit bar" described in another posting (UI: Design for a pop-up edit bar for the selected note). That other posting pointed out that although it would be nice to adjust the note length of the selected note by tapping left toolbar note-length buttons, SP would not be able to tell if the user was trying to change the length of the selected note, or setting a new length for the next note to be placed.

A good approach to solve both issues (user desire to change length of selected note, and SP needing the left toolbar length buttons for the next note) would be to put some note length numbers on a pop-up bar near the selected note.

I'm thinking of a simple set of numbered buttons, like "0 2 4 8 16..." to represent note lengths, so not much bar space would be required on the pop up bar (the "note edit bar", as the other posting called it).

There may be multiple ways of implementing it. Maybe there will be room on the edit bar that does left/right, up/down, sharp/flat, editing. Or maybe two-row bars are possible on the Ipad. Or maybe two separate bars can be popped up, one above and one below the selected note, or maybe both above the note.

Regardless of how it's implemented, the main ideas at work in these two postings are (1) put lots of editing power near the CURRENTLY SELECTED note so users can change it easily, and (2) use the left toolbar buttons (with the same functionality) for setting up for the NEXT FUTURE note to be placed.

If these changes were implemented, users would have lots of convenient functionality to modify either the note they just entered (the currently selected note), or the next note that they are about to enter. Either way, the user note-entry experience would be improved.


  • This idea has been included and superseded by a more recent posting "UI:
    How to fix the core note entry problem." That post shows how more
    actions can be applied to the current selected note using a new
    "drag-and-configure" note entry model.

    In particular, the new model shows how new notes can be created by dragging from a note length toolbar (drag from 4 to the score to create a 1/4 note). So there's no need to choose 1/4 in a separate action before placing the note; the single drag accomplishes both goals in one user motion.
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