UI: Need bigger text font on the Voices button

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Currently SP provides a voice button to indicate and change voices on the top toolbar. (Recall that voices let you write two lines of notes on the same staff.) Supporting multiple voices is a valuable, functional feature of SP.

But the current implementation of the voice button itself is not optimal because it is small and difficult to read. For example, compare the size and readability of the "A" in the Toolbar Menu (it loads the "Text" toolbar for entering text on the score) with the tiny V1 shown in the Voices button. The "A" is big, white on black, and very, very easy to read. In contrast, the V1 is very tiny, black on white, and quite difficult to read in comparison. This difficult readability is a big pain when you're working with multiple voices. (As a human example, I was working on my Ipad Mini late last night, and had to repeatedly squint to figure out what the button was saying. Not a smooth user experience, flipping among voices, squinting, tapping, failing, squinting, .. you get the idea.)

A better approach would be to change the Voices button to be more like the "A" icon in the Toolbar Menu. Make the voice numbers big, white on black like everything else on the top toolbar, and easy to read. I'm inclined to suggest leaving off the "V" part of the "V1, V2, .." text, so the voice number itself can be bigger. I don't think the V is required to understand and recognize the button. So instead of seeing the current little white circle button with an even tinier "v1", users would see a nice big 1, 2, 3, voice number in the style of the "A" on the Toolbar Menu.

(BTW, the help/doc button has the same readability problem. But it's not as big a problem because (1) it uses a ? mark instead of text, it only has one meaning, you don't really have to "read" it, and you don't use Help as often as you switch voices (when you're using voices).

If this change was implemented, working with, and switching among, multiple voices would be a LOT easier. You wouldn't have to squint up close on an Ipad Mini to figure out what the button was indicating, and that would improve the "working with multiple voices" user experience greatly.


  • This set of suggestions hits the nail right on the head from our point of view, so there's nothing but complete backing from the developers' end. We'll be sure to improve readability for these buttons.

    Thanks again for the exemplary feedback. We look forward to having you as part of our beta program.

    SP Support
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