UI: Add a rewind-and-autoplay capability to the play toolbar

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Currently SP provides handy rewind button on the play menu toolbar, right to the left of the play button. I use it all the time when I'm composing.

However, the current buttons are not optimal because I "always" tap the rewind and play buttons in sequence. For example, I can't EVER remember tapping the rewind button without hitting the play button. This means I'm always making two taps with my left thumb, instead of one. It gets tedious fast, since I typically replay the most recent N bars after I've added a few more notes to my composition, to hear what it sounds like.

A better approach would be to provide a single-tap button that means "rewind-and-play". It could be a new button to the left of the current rewind button, or it could be a setup option that allowed users to enable "auto play after rewinding" in their preference settings. 

The setup option to auto-play after rewind seems like it would preserve the most toolbar space, and give users the most flexibility.I would also provide users to specify the rewind distance in the preference options. I imagine a numeric integer input box to specify the number of bars to rewind. 

A double tap of the rewind button would always force a rewind to the beginning.

If this change was implemented, most users could save a keystroke every time they played something in SP. if you think about it, hat's a lot of keystrokes that would be saved in the SP user population. And users would have more flexibility to specify their favorite rewind distance as well.


  • Select the bar where you want your playback to start first, and then play,
    Seems to be working for me...
    Amateur musician on harmonicas, in a duet with a friend of mine.
  • Thank you for the idea, but that's not what I'm talking about at all. I usually do want to rewind and play from the start, but I think it would be more convenient to tap once for that action, instead of twice all the time. Just a little efficiency / convenience thing to make the UI a bit smoother.  It's certainly not a big issue on the scale of all things.
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