UI: Display note name being entered, left of crosshairs

edited August 2014 in Symphony Pro
I enter notes manually into the score using an Ipad, and don't yet have the chops to immediately translate a note position (eg below the third line below the treble clef) into a note name (eg low G on a violin).

Currently SP displays a nice cross hair to show the note entry point. The cross hair is big enough to extend past my finger tip, so I can see where the vertical placement of the note on the staff lines. And the cross hairs turn red when I'm stacking notes - very nice!

But the current display is not optimal because it does not make it easy for me to tell which note name I'm actually entering, especially when I'm entering notes well above or below the normal staff lines. When composing, I tend to think in terms of note names (eg F#) and their membership in chords and keys, rather than thinking "graphically" and determining chord membership using graphical pictures of chords in my mind.

I think a better approach (in addition to the cross hairs and audio feedback) would be to display the note name itself (eg F#) at the left end of the horizontal cross hair when notes are being entered or moved around. That way I could easily match what I see (a note name) with what my head is thinking (eg. F# is the next note in this chord...)
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