Realtime recording issues with grouping/correct note values

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I think I'll be posting this in feature requests as well but thought I'd start here in case I missed an option.

First off, the program is much improved over the last time I used it (back in 2011). There is a BIG issue I have with realtime recording and that's with how it groups notes, or rather how it doesn't group because playing syncopated rhythms (nothing smaller than eighths) leads to either:

  • incorrectly grouped rhythms
  • notes being sustained/tied unnecessarily
  • both issues
I've attached a screenshot showing what was expected and what was the result. As noted, I've tried all relevant modes of quantization (automatic, eighths, sixteenths). I used the on screen keyboard and headphones (no bluetooth) to record the examples.

iPad model: MC707LL/A (iPad 3rd generation 64 GB: the one with retina display but uses the old 30 pin connector)
iOS version: 7.1.1
Symphony Pro version 3.5.7



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    Hi John,

    Your feedback is already proving helpful for us in addressing recording issues. 

    A few tips for the current version:

    1. You can convert notes that are carried by unwanted ties into rests to work around one of the bugs you pointed out. To do this: 

    • Select the note that is carried by a tie (as shown in the step 1 attachment)
    • Switch the sidebar selection to an eighth rest, or the rest value you desire. (step 2)
    • Perform the above step on the remaining notes (step 3)
    • Currently, you also have to toggle off any dangling ties, which will give you the desired result (step 4)

    2. Although SP currently tries to reduce the number of rests during record, we agree that quantization should be sensitive to eighth notes as you suggested, especially given the time signature and tempo you worked with.

    3. Notes that are longer than an eighth aren't split in 4/4, which contributed to the other issue, and is more difficult to resolve manually. 

    We'll be addressing these above two problems in our next update.

    Please let us know if we can clarify any of our instructions or notes.

    SP Team
  • Thanks for replying.

    I can't see the pictures for the steps you've outlined, but I had already figured out how to correct it, so no worries there. 

    If this issue with grouping could be solved in the next update I'd be very thankful for that. 
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