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Every time I try to insert a measure the app crashes out. Why?


  • Hi Oastie,

    Thanks for letting us know about this issue. This is the first report of such, so we need some more details in order to help you:
    • Which version of SP are you using? You can check by opening the Help menu and scrolling to the very bottom of the index. 
    • What is your iPad model and iOS version? Directions for finding iOS version are here.
    • Is the crash occurring for a particular project or for any project?
    Please get back to us with these details.

    SP Support
  • SP 3.5.7
    iPad Air
    iOS 7.1(11D167)

    I may have found the cause. It seems only to occur when I have only one of four tracks showing. If I show all tracks then the measures insert, perfectly. I would guess that you either need some crash trapping in the software or, alternatively, a note in the help file.

    Please let me know if I can be of further assistance.
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    Hi Oastie,

    Thanks for letting us know. We've in fact fixed this major issue a while ago, and we'll send you a message about our beta containing the fixes in case you're interested.

    SP Support

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    I think I'll stick with the mainstream, for now, thanks. I'll wait for you to update the app. Since I know the problem, I can cope with it. How do I close this thread, or do I just leave it?
  • I'm glad you haven't closed the thread, it's very helpful for others to see, like me...
    Amateur musician on harmonicas, in a duet with a friend of mine.
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    Are you having this issue as well Hilvert? Based on our records, we recently fixed a crash that relates to deleting a large number of measures or otherwise undoing the insertion of measures. 

    SP Support
  • hi. im not sure this is the right thread to ask this question. I cant seem to fit my music on to one page......even though i change the amount of measures per line and there is plenty of room on the page. i am trying to avoid page turns and they are simple chord charts with a few notated lines and rhythm's. please help i need these charts by tomorrow.
  • @saxman187 Try going into the Score Menu > Display Settings. Under Size, the 'Score' slider will further adjust the number of measures per page. In addition, at the bottom of the menu, you'll see Page Size options (e.g. 8.5 x 11) that allow you to make further adjustments in that regard.
  • It would be a great idea to be able to Select a part of a score, and have the option to something like "fit the selection onto one page". The page settings are very fiddly, and take a lot of trial and error,
    Especially if you're a bit like me on my iPad; I Write in Landscape, and read in portait.
    Amateur musician on harmonicas, in a duet with a friend of mine.
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