Symphony Pro 3.4-3.5.7: Bugfixes and Improvements

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We are proud to announce Symphony Pro 3.4, containing hundreds of fixes and dozens of new features. A PDF document listing the fixes is provided in a separate link as it can't fit into this forum post! Click here to view the list of resolved issues.

More news & updated info will be posted after the update is released.

Visit to preview the upcoming new features.

The following is a list of new features and improvements we've made to the release:


-- Fixes --

• Transposing Staffs: Addresses a critical issue where key signature and transposition were lost when adding a measure.
• AAC Internal Error: Fixes for iPad Air.
• MusicXML import & export: bugfixes for transposing staffs and parsing of part numbers.
• Improvements to score rendering.
• Fixes to output when recording (note splitting, ties, rests) and stability issues.
• Error message when attempting to log into SoundCloud via a social media service.
• Minor enhancements to editing behavior or rendering.
• When using the export to Photos function, a message is shown if it is necessary to turn on Photos access in Settings.
• When the Multi-Voice switch is turned on in Recording Options, the maximum number of allowed voices is increased from 2 to 4.


— Fixes and Enhancements —

• When using the Continuous Scroll option, the clef and key are now shown as an overlay
• Improvements to user interface smoothness and responsiveness
• Redesigned navigation ruler, document list view, and other UI elements
• Improved readability when transcribing a rhythm using the Record feature
• Fixes crash when entering a note to a tablature staff when an active track was set
• Stopping a recording before the end of the current measure works appropriately
• Page numbers are shown in standard format
• Cues and tuplets are now groupable with normal notes
• Transposing staffs are now exported to XML
• Additional stability issues when exporting to XML are addressed
• iOS 6/7 backwards compatibility
• Fixes issue where having a slash ("/") in the title caused the project to be unsavable
• Fixes issue where part names could not be saved properly in some instances
• Metronome track presents completely dry sound, independent of reverb level. 
• Metronome track is included in AAC export (if metronome is on)
• Fixes exit to Home Screen that occurs when loading a project containing certain instruments
• Sequences of notes containing accidentals spread across octaves, but with same pitch class, are repeated as appropriate
• Fixes extremely common crashes when importing through Musescore
• 20+ notational rendering improvements
• Visit for a full list of new features from our previous update in March

Kind regards,
SP Team


  • Dear SP TEAM.
    A few months ago I bought an iPad 1 with os 5.1.1
    I installed your sofeware and have used it in my classroom for note taking and homework. I give students a printout as they leave. LOVE IT.

    today I received your updates and the whole program has gone crazy. The screen jumps sideways and upside down while I punch in notes. The AirPrint stopped working. The midi export to MasterStudio works but MS can't load and play the files. And much much more.!

    Tried the usual reset chash. Turn off and reboot. Then delete program and reload fresh. Still Not Working.

    Can I get the old program back and how do I do that please?
    Mr Natural
    Mr. Natural's Music School
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    Hi Mr. Natural,

    It looks like the difficulties you've been having are due to iOS compatibility issues. Although backwards compatibility has become increasingly difficult for us, we'll try to make the next update more reliable for first generation iPads.

    Unfortunately, there is currently no way to roll back versions. We'll consider adding this option in the near future.

    Thanks for your patience.

    SP Team
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    With regrets, Mr. Natural

  • Crash bug- renaming templates it always crashes
  • When deleting track a lot of the time the names of other tracks will change
  • edited June 2014
    When renaming a piece it creates a whole new piece
  • @Yellow15
    We've taken care of your bugs for the next update.

    Thank you,
    SP Support
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