Symphony Pro 3.3 (Now Available)

edited January 2014 in Symphony Pro
Symphony Pro 3.3 is now available on the App Store. If you haven't updated already, we encourage you to do so, as it is a substantial update. This latest version:

• General bug fixes

• Fixes and enhancements to copy & paste 

• Piano keys in Select Mode automatically become selected for easier editing of chords 
• Improvements in interaction and functionality to score editing, toolbars, menus, the voices/layers feature, and navigation. 
• Better undo/redo capabilities 
• Improved notational rendering and layout 
• Better positioning of lyrics, chord symbols, and text boxes during editing 
• The Record feature now allows you to turn multiple voices on/off in the Play menu 
• The Tie button automatically unsticks when appropriate 
• Fixed issue where redundant accidentals may sometimes appear inadvertently 
• Fixed issue where the pickup measure property could not be turned off 
• Fixed issue where editing instrument labels would cause all instrument entries to be non-selectable 
• When closing a locked project, an option is now available to save any changes before continuing 
• Updated manual

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  • Thank you for this update. This first thing I notice is that it has stopped reducing the space to the next note when I enter a chord symbol, which was the biggest obstacle to producing readable scores that I encountered in previous versions of Symphony Pro. Keep up the good work!
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